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Welcome to Who Guides, a concept we’re very excited to launch and manage.

Who Guides is all about people, special people who invented or designed something, discovered a place or a scientific principle, or were just the first to set a record or do something never before successfully completed. Who Guides is about heroes, great men and women, and even ordinary people who stepped forward and made a difference.

Was America really discovered by Christopher Columbus or did the Romans and Vikings beat him to it? Did the Wright Brothers really fly an airplane first, how many people claim to have flown before them? Why is Steve Wozniak famous, and how does he feel about being famous? How did Britney Spears get a her first big break, was she really a child prodigy, can we learn anything from her story?

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These are the sorts of questions we all ponder with friends, and WhoGuides is here to help. We take the information you could find in any encyclopedia or research paper, then we mash it around a bit and turn it into plain English, giving you the answers to those questions you want answered. Everyday people like you have contributed articles to WhoGuides.com so we know you’ll like how they’re written.

So you don’t care about dates or numbers, actually neither do we, sure they’re important if your a history buff, but we care about the stories behind why some people capture our imagination. People who perhaps never expected to enter the history books, yet became an inspiration to generations, or maybe just to a handful of people who know of their exploits. History isn’t just about kings and emperors, tho some us believe Elvis really was the king of rock ‘n roll.

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Have you been chosen to appear on a television game show? Are you a Trivial Pursuit fanatic? Maybe you’re just the office expert everyone always asks about famous people. Who Guides is being written for you! Our writers plan to answer all the big questions. Which president of the United States abolished slavery? Who pitched the highest career spanning average in major league Baseball? Why was Susan Anthony the first woman to be featured on an American coin? Were Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid really killed at San Vicente by the Bolivian army?

These questions and others more perplexing will all be answered on Who Guides, we hope our humble little website will become a favorite family resource, it is after all being written with you in mind. We know that when you need answers the last thing you want to do is browse from one site to the next. We agree it is better to have just one guide bookmarked, you’ll be sure to find something that answers your question.

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So, the next time you need to know who the first person to climb Mount Everest was, or who invented Penicillin, or maybe who discovered Pluto, remember that Who Guides should be the first site you visit. WhoGuides.com isn’t just a history website, this will also become one of the Internet’s best resources for people like you and I, everyday people who just want to know the answer without being bored.